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#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “Ultraviolence”

#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “Ultraviolence”

Digital bloodshed in streams, signals cross over to dreams

From the eye of your TV

Liquid red is all you see

Yawning hilariously

Living vicariously


Shootings, serial killers

It’s all thrills and no fillers

Street riots, brutal assault

Damage the meek by default


Bring wars, bring terrorism
Bring back cannibalism
And imperialism
Through colonialism
End all puritanism
Embrace fanaticism
Lost in eroticism
A new romanticism
No room for altruism
There’s only egotism
Devious organism
Whimsical dualism
New form of escapism
A modern exorcism
Is this surrealism
(or) Bestial magnetism?


You’re dreaming to do the same

Dealing fairness without shame

A bloodlusting existence

To follow from a distance


Digital bloodshed in streams

Signals cross over to dreams

Each adversary’s defeat

Is worth five Buddhist retreats


Come to think about it now
They self-immolate somehow


It’s been like this from the start:

We are not so far apart.


Uma brutalidade – João Narciso