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#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “Twenty Five Years”

#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “Twenty Five Years”

I'll keep pushing on.

When I was blossoming from the growing pains of puberty
I set myself a due date for a breakthrough

But the road I chose to follow

Is not the straight line I once perceived


Conventional paths ensure roofs over our heads

In the arms of mundane celebration

But keep us from a pure pursuit of happiness

And from forging a legacy


Slow death by the hand of circumstance

Life indifferently getting in the way

Our dark selves in every reflection

Incomplete visions of the destiny ahead

A lack of work ethic…

…or talent


Call it resilience.

Call it stubbornness.

But despite it all, I’ve come to realize that…

…I don’t have it in me to quit.


Built up from the ground in the daily struggle

With discipline as my weapon

Playtime is over

Now it’s either do or don’t

No grey lines

Every day another step towards the sun


I’m not quitting.


Not unless I lose my arms.

Not unless my brain collapses.

Not unless the randomness of life
Plays its cruelest trick on me.


Whilst I hold the slightest semblance of will within me

I’ll keep pushing on.


I’d rather try and fail

Than end this life without a battle.


Glitter – Rita Laranja