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#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “The Tower of Hercules”

#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “The Tower of Hercules”

"Atop the tower in fierce poise like zealous pilgrims"


Hear the words of Alfonso X of Castille, the wise

On Geryon, the giant Greek beast of tyranny

Threatener of the folk from Tajo’s to Douro’s skies

Who came to face a most heroic ability

In the shape of Hercules, conqueror and saviour

Defeater of the vilest monsters in great grandeur

Three bloody days and three bloody nights of warfare

Tower built above Geryon’s slain head underground

Crunia, name of beloved romantic affair

Was to become the land surrounding them all around

As Hercules left to answer the call of duty

Espán lit a never-ending fire of beauty



The Lebor Gabála Érenn tells of the children

Of the King Dreogán of Brigantia, they stand

Atop the tower in fierce poise like zealous pilgrims

Overlooking the much desired coast of Ireland

The descendent brothers set their minds to the conquest

Which was to prove itself a daunting blood-ridden test

Íth, in all of his foolish envisioned glory

Paid the ultimate price for his fervent ambition

Body returned to Brigantia, memento mori

For Mil, vengeful brother, to lay gods in submission

All pagan Thuatha De Dennan obliterated

And a ripe new kingdom on lands of blood created



Repeated violent waves of southern raids and looting

Lead Trezenzonio to seek the tower’s refuge

Magna Insula Solistitialis protruding

At the brink of dawn and beyond the dreadful deluge

A paradise of endless riches and sweet delights

Utopia found twinkling amidst the northern lights

Seven years of bliss, and a darned angel spoils the fun

Commanding his prompt return under divine orders

Fearing withdrawal the most when nirvana comes undone

He’s plagued with blindness and lepra for crossing borders

His remorseful penitence, his resentful return

But the tower’s in ruins, and he’s cast out and spurn


Freedoom – Rodolfo Mariano