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#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “The Mantis”

#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “The Mantis”

The courtship whispers that made her willing

There walks the mantis:

Holding its members like praying reapers

Bewitched pointy eyes in hallucinogenics

Hiding its submissive God-worshipping façade


Tonight’s the night of the deathly dance

Where he’ll dip into his partner’s wonderland

But will she strengthen him with her innocence

Following him reverently on the way to the cross?

Or will she consume him

Like a supernova-bred space-time singularity?


The courtship whispers that made her willing

Have her bent back now facing him

Convulsions triggered spasmodically

As he tears the kingdom’s gates open

(he’d always been told of the temptations of the flesh
but had never expected it to feel so right)


But her equal history of repression soon begs

For violent release and committed copulation

And just as heaven is within grasp

She tears out his head and starts feeding off of him


He has served his ultimate purpose
To be a submissive empty-headed breeder


That’s all he was ever meant to be.


Promiscuidade – Irene Pedras