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#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “The Mortal Coil”

#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “The Mortal Coil”

Whatever happened to the youth

my years on Earth were meant to hold?

It seems as though, to tell the truth,

they were lost, pawned or sold.

To what bidder? I don’t know.

Must have been ages ago.


Can you see my creeping shame

at the hands of the mundane?

What telling signs along my frame

give away this surging pain?


Leaving halfway? Bother not.

These days no one spares a thought.


And my path eludes me still

as distractions make their way.

Daily battles thwart my will

as I’m smoothly led astray.

Partes do Corpo que não são visíveis I,- Maria Cunha

Forever yearning desperately

for a gleam of clarity.