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#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “The Church Dyed Black”

#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “The Church Dyed Black”

Hang those millstones ‘round their neck and drown them
For these rapists came on to our children
Would they covet the one born in Bethlehem
If they too could always keep it hidden?
(I do think so)
Profane, corrupt, depraved, twisted feasts
Get down on your knees
To appease these beasts, posed as priests
Return for more every Sunday


Francis, will you shelter all your cronies
Just like the ones who came before yourself?

Desecraters of all which is holy

And yet they dare lecture us on hell?

      (they want your fear)

Do they repent under a death knell?

      (do they shed tears?)

As much as I do not believe

In some divine justice above

I wish not one would find reprieve
Or be absolved in the mercy of love


What of the scarring, the wounds that will never heal?

What of the sense of purity they sever?             And

What of the martyrs, the numb one’s who’ll never feel?

What of the cycle that repeats endlessly forever?


Gabriel burns (no one watches over)
Malice returns (the meek and distraught)
The greatest cost (beneath grass and clover)

Innocence lost (the cockroaches rot)


Dye the church in black

Burn it down

Gisela Costa – The Church Dyed Black