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#Quem Pensa é Spiralist: “Occhiolism”

#Quem Pensa é Spiralist: “Occhiolism”

Picture this: you and I both 

microscopic sand grains in the vast Sahara,

so easily swept away,

whether by storms or a breeze.

So fragile, indiscernible, inconsequential.


If only we were so fortunate.

Atoms of silicon,

part of a greater shifting contingent.

I get overwhelmed, at times,

by the scope of everything.


Far too great to care for us

or meddle in our vexatious affairs

for we are of narrow perspective,

unable to fathom the monstrosity of it all

and what brief a footnote we represent.


Amongst the stars, gifted with existence,

and we give ourselves to the bickering

mindlessness nesting within us,

when tears should stream not from the battles

but from the jubilation of being.


You and I are only passengers on this rock.

 Nothing but tourists.

And someday this shape will be gone,

and we will serve the universe once more

in whatever form it need be.

tronco, flores, preto, secos
Ofhelya- Andreia Pinho