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#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “I Am The Healer”

#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “I Am The Healer”

The parade of broken souls

always finds its way to me.

Stories new, stories old,

stories for infinity…

…and they tell them all so eagerly

my suspicion grows twofold.

But still I listen quietly,

lessening the stranglehold.


There are shattered families

and no children left unscarred,

who’ll inflict their injuries

onto those with lowered guards.

Or the vacant boulevard

of some terminal disease

that will soon reduce to shards

their feeble guarantees.


There are chemicals to spare

and coping through abuse –

you see in their empty stares

a museum for the bruised.

Or the unrequited blues

for a maid, unaware,

that makes a man recluse

and leads him to despair.


There are houses of unrest

wherein violence reigns supreme –

one lies in pain, the other wrests

the former’s hopes and dreams.

Some unearth their primal screams

with another on their breasts,

and some have nothing to redeem

the load of their distress.


But I’m no witness in the end

and sometimes their stories change –

some insist I comprehend

while others laugh as if deranged.


So I know not who to trust

though they trust in me alright,

reducing me to dust

and feeding off my light.


I am the Healer.


Both object of your mockery

and harvester of groans.

The vessel of your misery

so that I may ignore my own.

LEVE V – Maria Inês Godinho