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#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “Offworlders”

#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “Offworlders”

The outskirts are meant for outsiders anyway.

Under the ruins of a hopeless country

Under the pending, raining foreign bombardment

The expendable innocent sleep

Sucked into nightmares still preferable to reality


But soon enough, they descend

          They always do.

Blowing the sleepers away to bits

As the survivors scatter aimlessly in panic


Whose child’s blessed little heart will cease beating tomorrow?
Whose mother will meet her end beneath her home’s rubble?
All for a war that is not theirs.


They are soon packing up

Bribing the captain for room in an overcrowded sweat lodge

To leave behind the land they called home

And head somewhere distant and uncertain

Crossing the seas of brotherly blood

Under the indifferent sun.


But soon contrary voices rise:

“Who are these hordes invading our land?

Who are these savages begging for shelter?

Who are these pests disrupting our quiet lives?

Who are these animals taking our jobs?

          They will not breed with our daughters!”



Bad apples grow in every orchard.

The involuntary hosts coax through discrimination

The most volatile offworlders begin losing their temper


And then fighting breaks out

Teeth fly

Jaws broken

Faces rearranged…


          …something goes off in a crowded area…


Irrevocable change, instigated.

They shall not coexist.


The outskirts are meant for outsiders anyway.

Their government will feed the claustrophobia

Of fifty square granite meters.




But alive, so don’t you dare complaining.


Portait of a Romenian – Daniela Guerreiro