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#QuemPensa é Sérgio Morais: “Morning”

#QuemPensa é Sérgio Morais: “Morning”

Three poems about an average day.

dreamless I awake
and think about the past
like I usually do
every day
for the last twenty-five years

for example

last night
when I got home
somebody left a burger and some fries
on the kitchen counter
it reminded of you
because we used to go out for Burgers and Fries
and it was very special
even though I never told you
what it meant to me

despite the fact that we killed a lot of cows
in the process of kissing each other
turning it into a surreal act of passion
it always took my mind elsewhere
for the briefest of seconds

now burgers and fries
don’t taste like Burgers and Fries
(the capital letters matter)

I just don’t eat them
and that is fine
but I do hope
you’ll feel those flavours
one day

I begin the process of wondering
if I should brush my teeth or not
trying to understand if that means
that I’ll never see you
the same way I saw you

at those restaurants


Beijo – João Narciso