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#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “Gargantuan”

#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “Gargantuan”

"What fate awaits us in the breathless horizon?"

Let us overlook the unknown for the time being

How vast is this network of celestial bodies?

Such perfect symmetry above us without our meddling

And the best we can do is to reach out in awe

Lest we miss out on expanded understanding

Risking burning out as we approach the stars

                  Like children of Icarus

Bearing the hopes and dreams of our ancestors


What is our place in all of this?

What fate awaits us in the breathless horizon?


Tiny ants running amok at the first sign of trouble

Colonies squashed by the impartial feet of nature

As the black hole of insignificance sucks us in unbiased

For the universe favors nothing and no one

                  It is fair

Which explains its distance upon our mutual murders

The gallons of blood in self-important misdirection

Proving itself meaningless in the randomness of existence


So desperate to think we matter

So equally low on perspective


Sem título – Rui Valente