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#QuemPensa é réu: “before i become your epidemic”

#QuemPensa é réu: “before i become your epidemic”

now, every song is about me.

did you ever think

in that moment

pushing your forceful hand down my pants

you’d be ruining me?
damaging me?

in that moment when you took my hand to your dick

did you

at any moment

think of me?

was i just your hand job or was i

a person?


let it sink for a moment.

answer wisely:

was i a person and you knew what you were doing,

or was i your means to an end?

did you just wanna come?


did you think about your future daughter?


i’m damaged because of you.

that moment was the moment i realized i’d never

have control over my body,
my mind,

ever again.

you, in that moment, were my reckoning.

you disgust me.

but, in a twisted way,

thank you.
now, every song is about me.


i may not control my life,

but you can’t either.

fuck you

and your dick.

i hope you’re the one paying for your mistakes,

not your daughter.




“The Healers” – Diogo Soares