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#QuemPensa é Sérgio Morais: “Afternoon”

#QuemPensa é Sérgio Morais: “Afternoon”

to celebrate the joy of not being here, even if we are?

I wait


patiently passing these hours

pondering about



the weight of my own balls

and chocolate chip sundaes


I wait

starting the usual quarantine

hiding from meaningless conversations

or thoughts

that wrinkle my anus

by solely existing


I wait at the café

taking excessively small bites

from a very dry croissant

looking at the people outside


don’t they know?
or do they choose not to think about it?

is it too soon

for another glass of champagne

to celebrate the joy of not being here

even if we are?

are we ever going to understand

that our ancestors

were always grains of sand

that happened to talk

much like ourselves?


making no sense

the defining quality of time

embracing apathy

I wait

for the moon and the stars

and the screeching howls of the mad

to sing me a lullaby

to put me to sleep

I hope

I wait


Sad Satan – Adrian Cevert