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#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “Abraham”

#QuemPensa é Spiralist: “Abraham”

God's just fucking with you.

Kill me a son”



To show that you love me”


This is how He chose to measure his loyalty

Weighting tears and blood

Putting forth a test of compliance

In their one-way, do-as-I-say relationship


Isaac woke up brutally

Abraham binding and tying him up in a distressed trance

It had to be a false awakening

For that was not his father

but a demon.




But the nightmare did not cease

And amidst the pushing, shoving, dragging and crying

The second-born pleaded for holy mercy

          But the Lord was silent.


“Why do you do this?”, Isaac cried out

“It’s God’s will!”, said Abraham

“Thy will be done, Lord!”

Eyes rolled back, only white blindness

I’m a good boy!

Aren’t I, my Lord?”


The son is bent over at the edge

His head shoved against a rock

The blade nears the throat, so precise and unflinching

    No second-guessing.

        No questions.

            No answers.

                Just do it.

                    Do it.

                        DO IT!


Just then,

At the last second,

An angel intervenes

Takes the blade off of Abraham’s hand

Brings the man’s eyes up to his own

And whispers:

God’s just fucking with you”


And in that moment

(that sacred moment)

Abraham knew he was worthy of the Lord.

They could keep seeing each other!


Abraham and the angel broke out in laughter.


Holding each other in their arms

While gasping for air.


And amidst that monstrous grin
Isaac, horrified, saw a teardrop fall.


Dead/Alive – Subj 3&4 – Pedro Lopes